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Milton Keynes Business Statistics

July 24th, 2007 by Jurga Galvan

Vital stats and business information for companies considering relocation to or setting up an office in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Borough was once part of Buckinghamshire until it became a self-governing unitary authority in 1997. However, it still is considered as part of Buckinghamshire during ceremonial activities.

207,057 (Census 2001)

Migration, immigration, ethnic diversity, basic population demographics
• Majority of the population fall under the 30-44 age bracket
• Ethnicity: White (90.7%), Mixed (1.8%), Asian or Asian British (3.7%), Black or Black British (2.4%), Chinese or other (1.4%)
• Religion: Christian (65.5%), Muslim (2.3%), Hindu (1.3%), No Religion (21.6%)
• The workforce mostly works in Lower managerial and professional occupations (21.3%), Semi-routine occupations (12.5%), Intermediate occupations (11.8%) and Not classifiable for other reasons (11.9%).

Unemployment/employment rate
• 72.4% are employed
• 3.0% are unemployed
• The rest of the population are either students, retired, homemakers or disabled

Average income/salary
• £24,498 per annum (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings – April 2006)


Location within the UK and closest major location
• Located in south central England at the very northern tip of southeast England.
• Halfway between London and Birmingham

Transport options to and within
• Due to a very unique and well-planned road/traffic system getting around Milton Keynes is a delight. No traffic jams!
• Access to Luton Airport is also very easy now with the new fast coach service that directly links Milton Keynes and the airport.
• The bus system is also very good.

Closest airports with average distance from town/city centre
• London Luton Airport – 19.29 miles
Coventry Airport – 38.37 miles
• London Heathrow Airport – 40.69 miles

Dominating sectors / industries
• Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles – 20.7%
• Real estate, renting and business activity – 15.5%
• Manufacturing – 14.4%
• Transport, storage and communication – 10.1%
• Census 2001

Large companies that have headquarters or major branches in the location
• Debenhams
• Wal-mart (ASDA Wal-Mart Supercentre)
• Daimler Chrysler
• Argos
• BP

Areas that are considered to be prime business locations
• Central Milton Keynes
• Stony Stratford
• Newport Pagnel
• Bletchley
• Wolverton
• Woburn Sands
• Olney
• Midsummer Place
• Denbigh North

Major or annual business-related events
• Collectormania 11 (May)Census 2001
• Parklife Festival

• Fairtrade Borough status – Fairtrade Awards October 2004

• Milton Keynes Infrastructure Tariff – signed March 29, 2007
• Upcoming major expansion of thecentre:MK

Special business benefits/dispensations
• Unoccupied Property Rating
• Rate relief for businesses in rural areas
• Partly Occupied Property Relief
• Small Business Relief
• Charity and Registered Community Amateur Sports Club Relief
• Non-Profit Marking Organisation Relief
• Hardship Relief
• “File online now and pick up £150″ Scheme for Small Employers Annual Return

3 best things about the location
• Milton Keynes has one of the UK’s largest regional shopping centres (1.65 million sq ft) thanks to the addition of the Midsummer Place.
• Considered as one of the fastest growing urban areas with the population set to increase in size by 55% the next 30 years.
• Plenty of redevelopment going on.

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